Summertime Cheese Board

If you are having a summertime wedding or family reunion, then creating a cheeseboard for the guests is essential. A great cheeseboard is attractive with a variety of cheeses in different colors. Some types of cheeses are soft, and you will need to serve it in a bowl while other varieties of cheeses are better cut into tiny cubes or thin slices. In addition to serving cheeses, you can have foods such as small crackers, bread or fruit that pair well with the cheeses. To help people eat tiny cubes of cheeses, have a container of stick pretzels or toothpicks available. When it is a hot day, you must keep cheeses cold by placing your cheeseboard over a cool source such as a tray of ice. A cheeseboard is often used as a type of dessert at the end of a meal, but you can also have it on the buffet table throughout a meal. Here is a list of delicious cheeses to serve at your summer events.

Cheese Board

Summertime Cheese 1: Mozzarella

Mozzarella cheese is traditionally made from buffalo milk, and this is a soft white cheese that melts easily. If you are serving hot foods at a party, then mozzarella cheese is used as a garnishment on a variety of dishes.

Summertime Cheese 2: Cheddar

Cheddar cheese originated in England, but today, it is also made in other countries. This cheese is available in mild to strong flavors, but it typically has a bright yellow color. This easy to find and affordable cheese is versatile, so you can serve it in a variety of different ways.

Summertime Cheese 3: Feta

Feta cheese looks like curds, and it is made from goat or sheep milk. This crumbly cheese is typically sprinkled on other foods such as vegetable or pasta salads. Feta cheese has a strong flavor and pungent fragrance.

Summertime Cheese 4: Swiss

Swiss cheese has a distinctive appearance with large holes and a pungent odor. This variety of cheese is actually made in North America, and it has a nutty or sweet flavor. This cheese is easy to slice into cubes to serve with fresh fruit such as strawberries.

Summertime Cheese 5: Camembert

Camembert cheese is made in Normandy, France, and it is a creamy, soft and moist cheese with an off-white appearance. Camembert cheese is tasty on garlic bread that has been brushed with olive oil and sprinkled with rosemary.

Cheese Board

Summertime Cheese 6: Burrata

Burrata cheese is made from buffalo milk, and it is a combination of cream and mozzarella cheese. This Italian cheese is formed into a small ball with a harder mozzarella cheese on the outside, and the softer cream is on the inside.

Summertime Cheese 7: Roquefort

Roquefort cheese was first made in France, and this cheese is made from sheep’s milk. This variety of cheese has a distinctive appearance with large blue markings in the cheese. This is a moist or crumbly cheese, making it perfect to sprinkle on a leafy green salad.

Summertime Cheese 8: Gruyere

Gruyere cheese originated in various regions of Switzerland, and it has a sweet, nutty and salty flavor. This type of cheese may have small cracks in its surface, and it is traditionally served with glasses of beer.

Summertime Cheese 9: Stilton

Stilton cheese is only made in certain regions of Great Britain, and this blue cheese has a creamy or crumbly texture. This variety of cheese is imported to other countries, and it is available in specialty cheese shops. Stilton cheese is often served next to glasses of wine.

Summertime Cheese 10: Monterey Jack

Monterey Jack cheese is made from cow’s milk and it is a harder cheese that pairs well with other cheeses such as colby or cheddar. This off-white or white cheese is also made with seasonings such as chili peppers that have a hot flavor.

Summertime Cheese 11: Colby

Colby cheese is one of the most popular cheeses, and it is readily available at most supermarkets. You can serve sliced colby cheese, or you can find a brick of this variety of harder cheese to cut into cubes that guests can consume using their fingers, pretzel sticks or toothpicks.

Summertime Cheese 12: Muenster

Muenster cheese is a softer cheese that your guests can spread on bread, fruit or crackers. This variety of cheese can have a mild to strong flavor, and it has a pale color with a bright orange rind. Make sure to taste samples of this cheese to find the appropriate flavor for your special event.

Summertime Cheese 13: Cream Cheese

Soft cream cheese is often whipped to make it easier to spread, and you can also add spices or nuts to this cheese. Cream cheese is often served with bagels or fruit, but this variety of cheese must remain cool to stay fresh.

Summertime Cheese 14: Brie

Brie cheese has a pale color, and it is made from cow's milk. When you cut into brie cheese, it can have a slight grayish coloration that is normal. This is a mild flavored cheese that pairs well with fruits or nuts.

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